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Discussion in 'English Only' started by HSS, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. HSS

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    I was just thinking of the sentence 'The experience is like none other!' This could be used for an advertisement or on a TV commercial for a theme park or the like. Could 'The experience is like no other!' mean the same? I think it could, but I'm not too sure.

  2. owlman5

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    It sure could. I prefer "no other".
  3. Copyright

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    Use no, not none.

    Who's our Mystery English Speaker? Why, it's none other than Copyright! He is like no other.
  4. northerncity Member

    "no other" is more simple, you can save two characters in your ad or commercial.That means you can save money,sometimes.
    But I think that the pronunciation of "none" is stronger than "no",in terms of that,does"none" will attract more attention than "no"? I doubt it.could anybody explain?
  5. Copyright

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    I don't think you can decide between none and no simply based on "strength of word." You need to use language that is expected by the audience. For me, that would be "like no other."
  6. entangledbank

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    'No' is used as determiner of a noun head; 'none' is a head in its own right (i.e. used when there is no noun). We have no cheese; we have none. In this case, however, it's complicated by the fact that the adjective 'other' can also be a noun. There is no other = there is no other one. There is one other; there are three others. (It has a plural so it's a noun here.)

    'None other' is used with 'than': It is none other than Copyright. 'None' is the head and 'other than Copyright' is a modifying adjective phrase.
  7. northerncity Member

    Thank you for your simple and helpful explain,I get it now.

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