like open source government kind of thing

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  1. Purificador New Member

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    Hola amigos, me he encontrado con esta frase y me he quedado estancado en la tarduccion de esto:

    Coloco el contexto:

    "I´d build more prisions, but I´d also make it so that the justice system had an actual value for open source government kind of thing."

    La ultima parte " open source government kind of thing." no sé como colocarla en conexto.

    Muchas gracias de antemano.

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  2. juandiego

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    Spanish from Spain
    Hola y bienvenido al foro, Purificador.

    Yo lo traduciría tal cual, o sea: como una especie de gobierno de código abierto, que es lo que más o menos se dice; a saber qué exactamente tiene el hablante en la mente.
  3. Tochka Senior Member

    Frankly, the author is not being clear about what he's trying to express. :(

    As a native speaker, I'm not sure if he really means "open source"--a term related to computer programming--or if he is actually thinking of the concept of "transparency" in government--namely, the idea that government should make all its operations clearly visible to the public, so that it cannot hide wrongdoing by keeping it behind closed doors.

    "Open source", by contrast, is an adjective used to describe the legal status of certain computer programming, for which the creators have made the decision to not charge for use of the program but instead both to make their source code public and to grant a free license (grant free permission) to the public to use, reproduce, and alter the source code, provided they do not charge anyone else for it or its derivations.
    If "código abierto" means "open source" [software code], as I expect it does, this may be the best translation (no hablo bien el español, unfortunately), since that is the term the author has used--although I do not see how granting free access without forcing payment for copyright relates to building more prisons or giving more value for life, or even how those latter two relate to each other!
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  4. juandiego

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    Granada. España
    Spanish from Spain
    Thanks for your valuable input, Tochka.
    I also had the impression that neither it was clear in the English original but a native confirmation is best.
    Yes, código abierto is the usual translation into Spanish of that phrase about software.
  5. Tochka Senior Member

    Gracias de confirmarlo. ¡Saludos¡
  6. Purificador New Member

    Castellano, Perú
    Wooow!!...gracias por la ha servido de mucho!...Thanks a lot!

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