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Hi everyone.sorry, I've got several questions Help me to understand the sentence below please:
I really hate boxing actually. It's just like a bunch of people mainly men taking pleasure in, like, seeing people hit each other which is a bit disgusting really.
1: Is the word ( taking pleasure in ) modifying the men ?
2: I think the word like (comes before seeing people) is acting like a pause , am I right?
3: What's the reason of using seeing( in ing form )? is it related to like ?or it's also modifying the men?
Sorry to bother you and thanks in advanced.
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    Hello, Nadia. 1. "Taking pleasure" modifies "bunch of people". Most of those people are men.

    2. That sounds reasonable. Certain people here in the US use "like" far too often as a replacement for various other words. When I hear them speak, I usually make an effort to escape from their presence if that is possible.

    3. The bunch of people who are primarily men enjoy seeing people hit each other.
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