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I am completing a placement exam and found the multiple-choice question below. My preference is C, but why would A or B be wrong? Thanks for your help!

8. ________ to Rome at Christmas?

A) Do you like to go B) Would you like to go C) Do you like going
  • heypresto

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    Who says A and B are wrong?

    A means the same as C, but perhaps doesn't sound quite as natural.

    B has a different meaning but is perfectly correct and natural.
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    london calling

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    All three are correct in a given context, for example:

    Do you like to go/do you like to Rome at Christmas?
    The person speaking knows you go to Rome every Xmas and is asking if you like going there every Xmas.
    Would you like to go to Rome at Christmas? The person speaking wants to know if you would be happy to go to Rome at Xmas or is offering to take you to Rome at Xmas.


    Spanish / Spain
    Thanks, heypresto and london calling! That's what I thought. According to the test, only one answer is correct. I guess the test is wrong here.