like, your high school reunion small


I read their books, listened to their podcasts, watched their videos, followed their blogs, and spoke personally to their leaders. Here’s what I learned: First, they’re really small... like, your high school reunion small.
What Is the Alt-Right?, video by PragerU

What's the point in adding the second (boldfaced) "small"?

Thank you.
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    It's a manner of speaking that is becoming quite popular. The phrase "your high school reunion" is being used as an adverb to modify "small".


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    The speaker is using 'your high school reunion' to add emphasis to the adjective 'small'. It amounts to the same as saying 'really small' or 'really very small'.

    I assume he or she means 'small in number'.



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    If I were writing it, I would have used a bunch of hyphens.

    [...] like, your-high-school-reunion small.
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