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S'il vous plait, what are some quick ways you would return a routine polite complimentary statement, for example:

Someone has just told you they are glad to have met you in a very routine way (for instance, you're leaving a party and you're saying goodbye to a bunch of people you've met and spoken to briefly) -- in english we might just quickly say "Likewise", meaning I feel the same way.

Another common instance in english is wishing people a happy holiday (whatever that may be) -- in that case, a quick reply might be, "Thanks, same to you".

Merci beaucoup d'avance
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    Je ne sais pas si ce soit du bon français ou non dans ce sens, mais pour moi, likewise se rend de même. Same to you je dirais à toi (vous) aussi.


    when someone replies after thanking him and says:

    no problem likewise.

    Does this mean I have to do the same?
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