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Hi, there.

Although the colon may be bossy, it is also sensitive: the punctuation surrounding it has great effect upon it. Likewise, it also has great effect upon other marks. There are many issues to consider when it comes to using the colon in context: ...
-- Noah Lukeman, A Dash of Style

I’m having a hard time understanding the meaning of ‘likewise’ here.
I can’t help thinking that ‘likewise’ means ‘reversely.’ Or I could replace likewise with semicolon and connect to the preceding sentence.

Our dictionary says:
1. moreover; in addition; also; too
2. in like manner; in the same way; similarly

I think #2 might be its meaning, since ‘also’ is already in the sentence, but I can’t find what is the same factors. What is the exact meaning of ‘likewise’?
  • sparklydiamond16

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    Likewise is used to introduce a point similar to or related to the one just made.

    Here, it could be replaced by both #1 and #2. So here, likewise would mean 'just as the colon is affected by other punctuation marks, the colon itself also has an effect on other punctuation marks.

    It does not always mean reversely, but I see what you mean as yes here it does in fact mean the reverse.

    The best synonym in my opinion would be similarly.
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