limb vs branch vs wing vs prong


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It will also mark an enormous step forward in the development of wave power, which has tended to lag behind its cousins in the other main ..............(limbs, beanches, wings , prongs) of renewable energy technology, wind power and solar power.
This is a sentence from my homework:I chose "prongs" but it was " branches " which was right, why?
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    Branches is correct, and the reason is that one of the dictionary definitions of branch is "a subdivision of a subject, group of languages, etc." ( It's possible, I guess, to use the others in a metaphorical sense, but this wouldn't work as a general rule because if you look them up in the dictionary, they don't mean "a subdivision of a subject."

    For example, I'd generally use prong only in reference to a fork (the kind you use to eat with) or if I were comparing something to a fork.
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