limit level / limited level [= a certain level?]


The following extract is taken from the book "The Magic of Reality"
"If you put a gas into a sealed tank, it fills every nook and cranny of the tank up to the top. The volume of gas rapidly increases to fill the whole tank. A liquid also fills every nook and cranny, but only up to a certain level. A given amount of liquid, unlike the same amount of gas, keeps a fixed volume, and gravity pulls it downwards, so it fills only as much as it needs of the tank, from the bottom upwards."
I wonder whether "a limited level" and "a limit level" are possible instead of "a certain level".
Are both of them are ok for " a certain level"?
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    No, loveyh, "limit level" would not be a suitable phrase to express "limited level." I think "a limited level" would be a reasonable substitution for "a certain level."

    However, neither "a certain level" nor "a limited level" seems clear in this sentence about what a liquid does. Neither phrase seems to make much sense in this context.
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