Limitation of time and place

Discussion in 'English Only' started by A-friend, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. A-friend

    A-friend Senior Member

    Persian (Farsi)
    I was wondering if you could help me to fill in the following blank with the most appropriate choice:
    Example: Learning has no connection with………………..
    a) [limit / limitation / restriction] [of time and place]
    b) [time and locative] [limit / limitation / restriction]
    c) [temporal and spatial] [limit / limitation / restriction]
    [I have written this example myself]
    [I doubt whether these literally translated choices can work here or not! Please tell me how you convey such a meaning]
    [I am going to say learning has nothing to do with the matter of time and place and you can learn everywhere and every time you want]
  2. tepatria Senior Member

    Onondaga, Ontario
    Canadian English
    Learning has no connection with limited time and space. ?? Learning is not effected by limited time and space. ?? If this is what you are trying to say, it is untrue. Research shows that the environment in which you learn and the time spent learning are both very important to how you learn and what you learn.
  3. A-friend

    A-friend Senior Member

    Persian (Farsi)
    No; actually bringing up this question I was going to know which one of these combinations is used by a native as a term to indicate a type of constraint:
    - Limit of time and place
    - Limitation of time and place
    - Restriction of time and place
    - Time and locative limit
    - Time and locative limitation
    - Time and locative restriction
    - Temporal and spatial limit
    - Temporal and spatial Limitation
    - Temporal and spatial restriction
    [I just literally translated a formal concept from Persian Language to English;
    [I am sure that you have this concept in English]
  4. Loob

    Loob Senior Member

    English UK
    A-friend, none of your options fits well into a sentence beginning "Learning has no connection with....":(
  5. A-friend

    A-friend Senior Member

    Persian (Farsi)
    Thanks Loob
    I see what you mean; but I hope you have realized that I just brought up this example to use the matter in my question in a sentence. That's all. My real intention was getting aware of the useable term which can convey such a constraint. (from the time or place point of view). Anyway as far as I understood, at all there is no such a concept in English or I cannot convey the word which I am looking for :(
  6. Loob

    Loob Senior Member

    English UK
    Hello again, A-friend.

    I think you need to explain the concept in other words:).
  7. Maggŭs Senior Member

    Raji; Farsi
    In the first place, how can we presuppose such a connection, whether it is justified or not?

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