Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound

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    I work for a pregnancy resource center, and I need to know how to clearly and concisely communicate the term limited obstetrical ultrasound to our Spanish-speaking patients. Limited obstetrical ultrasound means that we are able to confirm a viable pregnancy and determine gestational age (how far along the mother is in her pregnancy). We are not able to determine the sex of the baby or diagnose any problems with the mother and/or her baby.

    Any suggestions?
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    First of all, even native English speakers wouldn't immediately understand that English phrase as you have defined it, so even a good Spanish translation might be useless to some patients, and it will have to be explained. That said, this site uses the phrase ultrasonido obstétrico limitado, which seems fine to me.
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    The term "limited" used here is mainly for billing purposes; and different for each country; but "radiologically" speaking I would use a direct translation; Ultrasonido obstétrico limitrado; and explain why the use of "limitado"


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