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Who knows what are line agencies in this context:
" xxx would like to suggest participation of staff members of government agencies , representatives of line agencies, representatives of local governments, NGO’s, consultants, investors etc."
My try:
"xxx aimerait suggérer la participation du personnel d'agences gouvernementales, de représentants d' ?????, de représentants des gouvernements locaux, d'ONG, de consultants, d'investisseurs, etc. "
Thanks for your suggestions.

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    WikiAnswers: "Line agencies A. Carry out Policies B. Provide services.
    Staff agencies include the executive office of President, The office of the Cabinet, The office of Management and Budget, National Security council."
    Frankly, I don't find this very helpful. Maybe it means something in AE. In BE, a staff agency is an organisation which recruits (and maybe supports) staff, not an executive agency as the definition above suggests. Also in my terms, a "line agency" (AE presumably) sounds like what I'd call an executive agency. As it stands in the Wiki answer, I can't see the difference between "staff" and "line" agencies (they both do things, i.e. are executive agencies) except perhaps that the former is a more senior form of executive agency than the latter.
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