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The phrase, line individual, is extracted from below sentence:
For instance, some social groups employ shunning(a person can remain in the community, but others are forbidden to interact with the person) as a device to bring into line individuals whose behavior goes beyond that allowed by the particular group.

The sentence is extracted from a passage discussing about the types of social groups.

My question:
Clearly, the phrase, line individual, is defined by the "whose" clause. But I am wondering whether the word, line, has any specific meaning here? In other words, is the phrase, line individual, a commonly used one that I can apply in other context?

  • perpend

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    "line" belongs to the phrase "bring into line" which means to "bring things in(to) order", or, get all of the ducks in a row. :)

    In other words, "line individual" does not belong together, as you have read it.
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