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Hello everyone,

In English the phrase "line of argument" exists meaning basically the views that someone takes on a sepcific issue and how they go about supporting them in spoken or written language.

Does the equivalent "ligne d'argument" exist in French?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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    But I would say that your line of argument is more the path of your argument and your thoughts, there is definitely a linear aspect, is this still "genre"?


    English - Canadian
    The Supreme Court of Canada says, in one case (the French is the translation):

    English 2008
    This line of argument, with respect, is not persuasive.
    French 2008
    Soit dit en tout respect, ce raisonnement n’est pas convaincant.

    In another (again, the French is a translation):

    English 2003
    As we conclude in the next section, this line of argument is not helpful to counsel for the bands in the present case.
    French 2003
    Vu notre conclusion dans la prochaine section, cette argumentation n’est d’aucun secours aux avocats des bandes en l’espèce.

    Also a translation into French (but written in English by a francophone judge):

    English 2007
    This line of argument is, however, of little assistance when confronted with an absence of express legislative intent.
    French 2007
    En l’absence d’une indication claire de la volonté du législateur, cette argumentation n’est d’aucun secours.

    In case that helps, and agreeing with NemoNobody.

    I don't think you have to render the "line of" literally.
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