lined handwriting paper/wide-ruled notebook paper

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  1. hermenator

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    ¿Qué significan los siguientes términos?

    lined handwriting paper
    wide-ruled notebook paper

    hojas de caligrafía
    libreta a rayas anchas

    Spelling tests are usually completed by the students on lined handwriting paper (primary grades) or wide-ruled notebook paper (upper grades).

    Es un texto académico de un maestro de primaria. Se agradecen ideas.
  2. mary de la loma

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    Hola. Pienso que serían:

    lined handwriting paper (niños): papel de escribir con líneas
    wide-ruled notebook paper: papel de cuaderno con renglones anchos
  3. hermenator

    hermenator Senior Member

    Thank you Mary, I wasn´t really looking for a translation term, but instead for an understanding of the physical objects that I´ll be encountering soon. The difference between both I presume is that the lined handwriting paper has a middle dotted line for tracing the letters at an early age. But both are ruled somehow, and ironically the lined is even more ruled than its counterpart. Happy thanksgiving!
  4. mrbilal87

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    Hello hermenator,

    Lined handwriting paper is the paper used in elementary grades that offers a wide writing space with a middle line so students learn to gain control over their writing. Wide-ruled notebook paper is used in more advanced grades (mostly middle school grades) and offers slightly less space between lines. It also usually doesn't offer that middle line. College-rule notebook paper is another type of paper which offers even less space between lines and no middle line, and is often used in upper high school grades and in universities.

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    American English [AmE]
  6. hermenator

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    Wow Mr Bilal (I can decode your nick now, hehe)! That was more than what I was looking for, but as always, the more the better. Thanks a lot for the stationery class, and happy Thanksgiving! Cheers back!
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  8. enekoetxa Senior Member

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    Although this doesn't necessarily address the question posed in the thread, in the school district I work for, we call Wide Ruled Paper
    Papel de Doble Raya
  9. hermenator

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    Enekoetxa, of course it addresses my posted question. Thanks a lot! This is the exact translation as I remember the term back from my golden years. Best regards,

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