Linfoma del Manto

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In a medical report, it states linfoma del manto, what does manto reference in this case? Lymphoma of the ____?
I searched and the only thing i could come up with is Mantle Cell Lympoma, which is also listed later in the text as "linfoma de las celulas mantos"
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  • ChemaSaltasebes

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    Hi Chelle,
    Surrounding the germinative center of a lymph node you can find an outer ring of B-cells called the mantle zone. Manto, in Spanish, is a reference to this mantle zone. And so we say either linfoma del manto or linfoma de células del manto to refer to a mantle-cell lymphoma.

    And by the way, I never heard "células mantos" before; we say "células del manto" -mantle cells.
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