linfonodomegalias ou massas mediastinais

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    A medical report contains the notation:

    Ausencia de linfonodomegalias ou massas mediastinais.

    I assume that the absence of these things is an advantage to the pateint, but they are not in WR or Michaelis on-line or my dictionaries.

    I even tried "just plain" megalia to find out what's up with the lymph nodes, but no luck.

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    Linfonodomegalia = Lymph node megaly, or better, lymph node enlargement.
    I think that, in English, "megaly" is only a sufix, is used with single words, like spleno-megaly,hepato-megaly, I'm not sure.
    I found few references to "lymph-node-megaly"

    Massas mediastinais = Mediastinal masses
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    Thanks once again.
  4. Céu Azul New Member

    Hi Birder!

    On this one I think I can help since I´m a doc. In fact you have analogous words in English. Linfonodomegalia = lymphadenomegaly and Massas Mediastinais = Mediastinal Masses. The problem is what this medspeak means. Lymphadenomegaly means enlarged lymph nodes, often the result of a localized inflammatory process. By mediastinal masses it is implied that an image shows the presence of an undetermined lump of tissue (probably with surrounding enlarged lymph nodes around it) in a space between the lungs around the bronchi and trachea in the ribcage. This is often the result of infectious diseases like TB, parasitic infections like cocidioidosis, and even tumors like lung oat cell CA.
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    Muito obrigado --- and welcome to WR, doc!

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