Lingala: boyángoli / boyángeli / bonyángoli / boyángwi


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Nani ayebi Lingala makási awa ?

As I gradually go through source material and seek to interpret different authors' varying transcriptions and hints at meaning, I really need now an actual experienced speaker to give me some opinion on this. Are these words most likely the same word with just possibly variants of pronunciation but all referring to the same meaning, basically interchangeable? or are there some key semantic distinctions seen between them? Please tell me if you think these are the same or different words and suggest any corrections to their meaning...

boyángwi = dissolution, liquéfaction, solution
bonyángwi = fusion
bonyángoli = fusion
boyángoli = transfusion
boyángeli = conduite, direction, règne, régie, gestion, ministère, présidence, supériorité

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