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Hi everybody out there,
I'm a translator from Italy. I'm translating a book where a girls is learning to play guitar and is not very good at it.
She says: Im'having troubale with linky bit of this song.
My problem is linky.
What's the meaning? Could anybody give a synonim?
Thanks a lot
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    Hi ciop. What country is the girl from, or rather, in which regional English is the book written?


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    English (UK)
    Hi ciop. It's quite common in English to create a new adjective by adding -y to a noun. Examples which have entered standard use would include mess-y, length-y, smell-y and so on.

    Informally it is not unusual to hear speakers create new adjectives in this way, on the fly as it were - especially if you can't remember the right word for something. So I might say "I going to contribute to that English forum-y thing"; "ciop has posted a question-y thing" and so on.

    In this case, I think the bit of the song referred to is probably the bridge - and it is a link-y bit.

    Does that help?


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    To nun-translator: thank you, the girl si from Brighton and lives in Manchester
    To winklepicker: yes, I thought it might be the bridge, thank you very much for confirming it!!!!!!!!!
    have a great day you both
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