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    Hi, I'm having a look at RECESS, a tool for compiling LESS files to CSS. Somewhere in the intro text it says: "Use RECESS as a linter to keep your styles tidy and consistent.".

    I can't understand the meaning of "linter", from the context I can deduce it's something like a helper but that's quite a poor definition. Any help please?
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    I don't agree with Masood. Reading the link he provides; that appears to refer to a name not a technical term.

    In fact it seems there is a term "to lint". Therefore a linter would be something that 'lints', i.e. performs the action of 'linting'.

    A little bit of reading about CSS will provide clues that "to lint" actually refers to "removing lint", i.e. to tidying up CSS code.

    In popular parlance, 'lint' refers to the material that collects in one's navel or in the filter of a washing machine, i.e. it is dross. In this context it appears to be a metaphor for unnecessary text/command strings.
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    A "lint roller" is a sticky roller for the removal of lint and fluff (check Google for images).


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