1. piteni New Member

    What does it mean..?? Liquorice whip. Does it have any equivalent in Spanish...?' Thanks!!
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  2. pachis

    pachis Senior Member

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    Mexico, Spanish
    You need more context ...
  3. piteni New Member

    I'm sorry.....the context is as follows...Look ...he's enjoying a liquorice whip..!!!
  4. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    Piteni, the context is the circumstances that surround the facts. So we need more than just a complete sentence -- we need to know who said the phrase, in what situation, and what he was referring to.

    My guess is that he's referring to a rope or string of licorice candy.
  5. ivb8921 Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    Pues me imagino que se referirá a una de esas cintas largas de regaliz que se venden en las tiendas de chuches Es decir como ya te han dicho a licorice candy string or rope o lo que sea.
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  6. macame

    macame Senior Member

    Half a mile to heaven
    Spanish & Galician
    Látigo de regaliz.
  7. alanla

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