Lista degli esami universitari sostenuti

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by dolcetto81, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. dolcetto81 Senior Member

    Italy, italian
    I'm writing my curriculum and I want to say: Lista completa degli esami (universitari) sostenuti.

    My attempt is: Full/Comprehensive list of academic examinations (under)taken.

    Can you help me?
  2. mix2000 Member

    Comprehensive list of the academic examinations that I have undertaken?boh..
  3. davide333 New Member

    USA English
    I'd make it:
    Comprehensive List of Academic Examinations Taken
    or simply
    Academic Examinations Taken [appearing on a CV, this phrase presumes that the list is complete]
  4. dolcetto81 Senior Member

    Italy, italian
    Actually the sentence is:
    Una lista completa degli esami sostenuti si trova negli academic transcript.

    My attempts:

    A comprehensive list of the academic examinations taken is available in the academic transcript.
  5. davide333 New Member

    USA English
    That is OK to my ear. You could also say
    "My academic transcript provides a comprehensive list of examinations taken."
    (the active verb 'provides' is probably preferable to the passive 'is available' in your latest post)
    There are many speakers of US English who try to avoid the passive at all costs, because it comes off sounding a bit weak (compared to active verbs) (don't know about British English).
    You prob knew that already :eek:) Best Regards
  6. furs

    furs Senior Member

    Basta dire 'full University transcript'.
    Il transcript e' una lista dettagliata di tutti gli esami, non c'e' bisogno di specifiche ulteriori.

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