liste / inventaire à la Prévert


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Does someone know what expression I could use in English to say something like "une liste à la Prévert" (aka "un inventaire à la Prévert") which means a long list of different things having no real relationship between each other ?(named after the poeme "inventaire" published in 1945 by Jacques Prévert).

Thanks for any idea :)
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    Hello reicad and welcome to the Forum,

    I'm afraid a reference to Prévert is pointless. Most, if not all English-speakers will not have heard of the chap.

    You could call it "a list/inventory of disparate / unconnected items".


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    I agree that a general English-speaking audience would not have much of an idea of Prévert's poetic style.

    a laundry list is an expression used critically to describe a long list of items (refers to the list you find in hotels with all of the possible items that could be sent out for washing/dry cleaning)


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    You might also be interested in the terms "brainstorming, to brainstorm" and "stream of consciousness" (see the dictionary entries, and Wikipedia), though they both carry their own connotations and neither is going to be quite the same as "un inventaire à la Prévert".
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