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Lithuanian translation into English: apystovose
I am trying to translate a document and cannot find the word in the dictionary.

I have found it in a few contexts:1) rytdienos apystovose, 2)apystovose vaiku, 3) šiandieninėnėse apystovose.

The sentence I am translating reads: ' dar takiose apystovose'.

I would appreciate some help. Thanks.
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    I am Lithuanian and when I red that word you wrote- "apystovose" - I didn't understood it at all.
    After searching through internet I found that it means - circumstances/situation/condition.

    Apystova (singular) - circumstance/situation/condition
    Apystovose (plurar) - in the circumstances/situation, under conditions

    This word (apystova) is not right word to use. Instead better to use the word - aplinkybė.
    Apystovose = Aplinkybėmis


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    'circumstances' seems to work in the context of the sentence I am translating. The reason why it might not be used much today is because the document I am trying to translate was written in the 1940s.

    thanks for taking the time to sort this out for me.