Lithuanian: Užstok prieš Aukščiausią, Tu žmogų menkiausią

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Hello all,

Still on the song, Marija, Marija I'm trying to figure out what this verse means

Užstok prieš Aukščiausią, Tu žmogų menkiausią
My try:
Stand up before the Most High, for the poorest mankind
If this is the case, I'm wondering what the "tu" here is for, as it refers to "you"... unless I'm missing something again.

@AndrasBP - would you help me on this?

Thank you!
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  • AndrasBP

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    Užstoti is a transitive verb (one that has on object) meaning something like stand up for, defend, represent.
    Tu is indeed you, making the imperative verb form užstok more emphatic.
    I'm not a native speaker, but as far as I can tell, the word order is certainly unusual and tu would not often appear in such structures.
    This is poetic language from 1895.
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