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I have this sentence:

Most animals will attack you to protect their young.

Why is not possible to use litters instead of young in this sentence?
( it is an exercise in which you can only choose one aswer)
  • entangledbank

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    Giraffes or elephants can have young, but a litter (singular) is the group of very small animals that something like a dog, cat, or mouse has. A mother cat would protect any single one of its young, not just the group of them, the litter.

    Sparky Malarky

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    Theoretically, you could do so, but it would change the meaning of the sentence a bit. A litter is a group of young animals. A bear usually has only one or two cubs. The cubs are not called a litter, because there are so few of them. But you don't want to threaten them because the mother will attack you.
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