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I found the following as an interesting article. I would like to know the meaning of the word litter.

IX. He paid the highest honors to the memory of his father Domitius. He left to his mother the management of all public and private business. Indeed, on the first day of his rule he gave to the tribune on guard the watchword "The Best of Mothers," and afterwards he often rode with her through the streets in her litter. He established a colony at Antium, enrolling the veterans of the Praetorian Guard, and joining with them the wealthiest of the chief centurions, whom he compelled to change their residence; and he also made a harbor there at great expense.

What is a litter in the above?
  • From Aupick's picture reference you will see that a litter is a type of bed with handles at each end. The handles enabled the bed to be carried by servants. The owner of a litter would usually have been a wealthy person, of high social status, who chose to be carried through the streets in this way, a bit like a chauffeur driven car is used today. It would have been hung with curtains for the occupant's privacy.

    PS Acknowledgement to Amityville also.:D
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