little by little ?or ,bit by bit?

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  • Harry Batt

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    Northern city, put each expression in the same context and give us what you think is the difference if there is any difference. Then, we can help you. Welcome to the Forum.


    How would you like to use them?
    That might help us all.
    Ok, I will try to make up two examples,like follows:
    1.I keep on learning English.And my speaking English gets better little by little.
    2.I keep on learning English.And my speaking English is getting better bit by bit.

    Which sentence is using the term correctly? I don't know the differences between the two terms ,so I don't konw hao to use them .
    Could you give me some instructions?
    Thanks a lot!


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    I'm not sure why, but in this example I think "little by little" is better.
    It might be because it seems more appropriate with a gradual continuous process such as learning a language and improving.
    I have a feeling that "bit by bit" is rather like "step by step" - for things that happen in chunks rather than continuously.
    This is my impression.
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