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    Hello everybody! Here I have a problem trying to get a Spanish translation of "little dipper tummy". Although I understand what means these words individually, I'm not sure about how it's described tummy in it. For what stands dipper here? The ideas I have about "dipper" and "dip" don't make sense in my mind regarding the topic, at least without sound forced.

    The complete sentence is: "I still want to marry Mark and his little dipper tummy". There's not much context since it's a comment from a woman replying if she wants to marry the said Mark.
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    The Little Dipper is Ursa Minor, but here it suggests that Mark has a little paunch: he is un poco barrigón. If he had a big-dipper tummy (Ursa Major) he would be muy barrigón. "Todavía quiero casarme con Mark y su barriguita".
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    Thank you so much Sprachliebhaber!

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