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How would you say in Brasil, "You really like that little guy!?"

In this case, "little guy" needs to be offensive, because the guy who's asking question is jealous.

I found words pequeno, homenzinho, but I´m not sure how should I translate this sentence..

Thank you!
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    No, homenzinho, pequeno wouldn't fit. Actually I am trying to remember how people would say it nowadays, but some options are: aquele palerma, aquele trouxa, aquele inho, aquele zé-mané, aquela coisa...
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    serbian - serbia
    Thank you for your answer. I actually need to find some word which contains "little man", because of the further text.
    I also thought about "garotinho".. I don't know.

    Some of other sentences which contein these words are "So, the little guy is here again!". "Little guy, you are getting on my nerves!"

    He calls him "little guy" all the time.
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