little supposing he was overheard.

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chong lee

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The quote is from "Treasure Island".

Last sentence sounds as if "he suspects he was overheard but just little". But actually I know that it means "he does not suspect he was ovetheard not even little ".
Could you explain it?


You may imagine how I felt when I heard this abominable old rogue addressing another in the very same words of flattery as he had used to myself. I think, if I had been able, that I would have killed him through the barrel. Meantime, he ran on, little supposing he was overheard.
  • entangledbank

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    English - South-East England
    Yes, 'little supposing' doesn't mean 'slightly supposing', it means 'not supposing'. We say 'little did he suspect' in the same way: it means that he didn't suspect, not that he only suspected a little.
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