'live' and 'time of stay'

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Have you lived in a country in Asia for longer than a total of three months? If yes, where and for how long have you lived? Please list your answers in descending order of length of stay.
Hi, I wonder if the use of 'stay' is right after 'lived' and 'lived.' I see 'stay' is likely to refer to accommodations but I can't think of another. Maybe better with 'length of residence'???

  • Hermione Golightly

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    I think 'stay' is fine.
    I notice you say 'for a total of 3 months' and I'm not sure what this means.
    If I'd visited China several times for a few weeks over a period years, would I have to list each visit? It's just that 'residency' suggests really living in the country,paying taxes there for example, rather than visiting even if the visit is several weeks long. I still think 'stay' is fine.
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