live off the grid / stay off the griddle

  • I've been actually living off the grid for some time.
    My take of the underlined part is living freely without being caught, right?

    Now, if we could just stay off the griddle.

    Stay away from being cooked, right?

    Hi Dandelion,

    I think these sentences are AE. I am not familiar with the first but your interpretation is correct. "Off the griddle" - avoid getting cooked.



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    To "live off the grid" is a a badge of honor for those who worry about air pollution, global warming, the evils of
    large corporations, and other related and often unrelated matters, in no particular order. It means that one has alternate means for generating electricity at home, typically a system of solar-voltaic panels and a battery storage system. If you live off the grid, your home is not connected to the electric utility's transmission grid, or wires.