live on myself/rely on myself


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My father is helping me look for a decent job. I don't need to do anything but wait for the news. I feel so terrible. I want to live on myself/rely on myself.

I wonder which one is more proper in this context. Does "live on oneself" focus more on earning money on one's own?

Thank you.
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    Hello, lgr632525968.

    In your sentence, 'rely on myself' is the one to use.
    I want to rely on myself.
    It includes the desire to earn the money you spend, and it is idiomatic.

    "Live on myself" does not work. I don't know what it would mean.
    You might say "live on money I earn," though we have other ways of expressing this.
    For this meaning, I would be more likely to say:
    "I want to support myself."
    "I want to earn my own living"

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