living embodiment of her work


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Hi everyone! I don't quite understand the word " living embodiment of her work". Could I understand it as " giving a concrete and vivid form to her job (as a tattoo artist)"

the context is as follows:
Qiao Zhengfei is a 20-year-old tattoo artist who opened up her own studio in her native Xiamen before moving her business to Beijing.

She specializes in "blackwork," an intricate form based on a style of embroidery. The former art theory student likes the fact that tattoos are a living embodiment of her work.

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    I find this rather creative. On the one hand, it says tattoos are her otherwise abstract work become material and tangible. On the other hand, it says what tattoos really are - her work given life, because people are alive, and embodiment, i.e. made on human bodies.
    Others may see it differently.


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    I suppose you could understand taht she sees it as a living embodiment because tattoos are worn on the living skin of the body.
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