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I was wondering whether living would be suitable in the sentence below (as a byword for livelihood). If not, could you help me understand why...

"Given the very serious conservation status of world fish stocks, on which millions of people worldwide depend for their livelihoods and wellbeing, we see no justification for aiming any lower than 100% sustainable fish," it says.
(The Guardian)

Thanks again and again;)
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    Hi Nico. I'd be happy to replace livelihood with living there. (You don't need to pluralize either word, by the way:))


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    Hello, Nico. You're right. Instead of living, I'd use the plural: ...depend for their livings and wellbeing. Though M-W accepts "livings", some people don't like its sound. That's probably why your writer chose "livelihoods". "Livelihoods" is pretty common in contexts like this.

    PS I see that the clever Mr. E and I have a difference of opinion on using the plural. I think you have a choice here.


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    I may be repetitive, but I am very thankful for your answers!

    In another context, would you say:

    He works for a living.
    He works for a livelihood.

    I may tend to choose the first option, but obviously I am not a native.
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