living with people, dying alone

Ymmu M'Kursa

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I heard a certain aphorism that is not very clear to me but curious enough: [You are] living with people, [but] dying alone.
I added words in brackets to show what I think it means.
It seems to me that this saying is based on Fallada's novel title "Jeder stirbt für sich allein".
So the question is: Wie heißt das auf Deutsch?
I am seriously confused. What word should I choose for "people"? Leute or Menschen? With article or without? Which verb form is preferable? I would like second person like: liebst mit Leute, stirbst allein.
Teach me how to translate it right please.
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    The original German title of Fallada's book is: Jeder stirbt für sich allein.

    Other possibility for translating your phrase from English to German:

    Zusammen leben, alleine sterben.
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