Livraison Vs Expédition Vs Envoi

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  1. wishuponastar

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    I'm confused with the difference between these words. They all mean delivery (in certain contexts), but are they interchangable??:confused:

    I've heard of 'Frais de livraison/ d'envoi'
    and "Certificat d'expedition"

    Do they mean the same?

  2. frenchaudrey Senior Member

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    They basically mean the same, although "livraison" and "expédition" generally refer to objects and not simple letters.
    HOwever you should pay attention to collocations: which one are you looking for exactly ? :)
  3. Erinan

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    I was trying to find some examples where you could use one of these words and not the others... but I can't. They really mean the same thing.

    Not at all. 'Frais de livraison' means 'Delivery costs'.

    'Certificat d'expédition', I'm not even sure what this would be in French, but it's like a (written) proof that your package has been properly dispatched.
  4. Bakachan Member

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    Français, France.
    Hello !

    Livraison : it's the fact to deliver, you make a "livraison". The person who makes a "livraison" is a "livreur", he makes the travel in order to deliver the parcel. The delivery boy is knocking on the door, our delivery seems to be arrived/Le livreur frappe à la porte, notre livraison est arrivée.

    Expédition : for me, it's the fact to start a "livraison", you decide to make an "expédition" of your parcel, so you go to your post office and ask for a "livraison". I have to make a delivery of this parcel asap/Je dois expédier ce colis dès que possible.

    Envoi : Once your "livraison" is in process, you can say that the "envoi" of your parcel has been done. My parcel has been sent/Mon colis a été envoyé.

    I hope it's understandable ^^"

    EDIt: with examples.
  5. LeGuch Senior Member

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    The expéditeur gives something to a livreur who then brings it to the destinataire !
  6. Erinan

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    Brighton, UK
    Livraison is actually the fact of delivering something to someone.

    Expédition and Envoi are really close. You could say "Votre colis a été envoyé." or "Votre colis a été expédié." and those two sentences mean exactly the same thing.

    However, in my opinion, Expédition has this meaning of something wich is continous, a process. Look for the meaning of Acheminement as a synonym.

    On the contrary, Envoi is more "instantaneous".
  7. wishuponastar

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    English, Northern Ireland
    Goodness! I did not expect to get so many responses!

    So "livraison" is the fact of delivering something
    "Envoi" is instant and "Expedition" is more the continual process of delivery once it is on its way!


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