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Quelle pourrait être en anglais une traduction de "livre de chevet" au sens figuré, comme dans la phrase "je vais en faire mon livre de chevet" (c'est-à-dire je vais faire de cette lecture ma référence) ?
Merci par avance !
  • Kecha

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    "From now on, this is my favourite (UK) / favorite (US) book"

    un peu plat peut-être, mais c'est le sens ...
    L'expression signifie qu'on lit tellement souvent ce livre qu'il ne quitte plus notre table de chevet.

    (edit) j'ai trouvé que bedside book existe, un anglophone confirme ?


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    My favorite book is too general to me compared to what I believe to be the figurative meaning of the French expression.

    Bedside book
    means nothing more to me than its literal meaning.

    My Bible
    means to me a book that guides or provides reference to you--not one you read for enjoyment.

    If that is the meaning you intend, why not, there is also: my go-to book.
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    France, French
    Thank you all !
    Indeed in French one can also say "Ma bible" with the same meaning. I didn't use this term because I didn't want any religious reference. So I'll go with the "go-to book"! Thanks!

    Uncle Bob

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    I don't think either "go-to book" or "comfort book" would be understood in BE - the latter would most probably be taken to mean something entirely different!

    I can't suggest anything better than bible though. (If you put the 'b' in lower case it should indicate the importance you attach to religion:)).
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