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Kelly B

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livret médical/hospitalier : formulary

livret (medical term)

The sample sentence I'm looking at:

ce médicament n'est pas (ne figure pas ?) sur le livret hospitalier - this drug isn't listed in the hospital formulary (it isn't among drugs that can be prescribed there)
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    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I think we would need a dedicated French sense for this, so I'll pass it to the FR base and we'll see if @Lacuzon will add it.

    Is formulary common in US English? I hadn't come across it before, although it does exist in UK English (I will need to check when the term is there to translate, but I have a feeling we may more commonly talk about drug lists/approved drug lists or something like that).


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    You're right DrD, that's an approved drug list. That being said, only hospital pharmacists use that expression.