ll take care of everything - Me encargo de todo

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  1. gramatica Banned

    USA English
    Hola a todos:

    De verdad que no es igual que "Realmente no"/Not really

    Yo sigo es igual que "I'll go next?"

    Como se dice "I'll take care of everything?" Mi intento: Me encargo de todo/Lo cuidare de todo

    Se dice "El fin" o "fin?"=The end

    Tuvo su dinero de rembolso?/Tuvo su dinero de regreso?

    Te lo agradezco es igual que "Gracias/Gracias a ti/Lo aprecio?"

  2. gabriel864

    gabriel864 Senior Member

    Georgia, USA
    I'll take care of everything = me hare cargo de todo
    the end = el fin

    I would say ... le rembolsaron su dinero ... if you use rembolsar
    or le regresaron su dinero

    oh sorrry I didnt put accents cuz I dont know how to put them on this computer...lol sorry
  3. gramatica Banned

    USA English
    thank you
  4. fsabroso

    fsabroso Moderadiólogo

    South Texas
    Perú / Castellano
    Hi Gramatica:

    I think you already know this.

    Please, Do open one thread for each question and write down the actual term (or the full phrase, when applicable) on the title of each new thread you open, as this
    1) assists and is directly linked our dictionaries' Search function, and
    2) provides at-a-glance thread differentiation.

    Also, remember we have a Grammar Forum.

    Thanks in advance for your future cooperation in this regard.

    Thread closed.

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