Llamada de atención

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  1. Cokiyo Member

    Hi there, I'd like your help with the phrases: "Llamada de atención escrita" and "Llamada de atención verbal".

    The thing is that I work in a shool and I've seen the translation of these phrases as "Call of Attention" in a couple of forms concerning reprimands to the students.

    Is "Call of Attention" equal to "Llamada de Atención" ??????

    How about:
    "Llamada de Attencion Escrita" ==> "Witten Call of Attention" ?????
    "Llamada de Attencion Verbal" ==> "Oral Call of Attention" ?????

    Thank you very much for your help.
  2. The Prof

    The Prof Senior Member

    I'm not sure you need to translate the word "llamada" in these expressions. I think they could be translated as:
    Written Warning
    Verbal Warning
    I don't know the Spanish expressions you have given, but you have said that they concern reprimants to students, and the sentences I suggest are what we would use in the UK to express this.
  3. jenniferini Member

    Mexican spanish
    Llamada de atencion= warning

    no necesitas la palabra call
  4. evitap Senior Member

    En español se dice un 'llamado de atención'

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