1. Rasmus1504 Senior Member

    Hola a todos,

    He escuchado algunas veces alguien usar la palabra marcar en el mismo modo de que se usa llamar. P.ej. "Te estábamos marcando". Pero hice una búsqueda de la diferencia en la que no encontré mucho de importancia salvo algo que decía "Como marcar para llamar a" o algo como así. Esto me hizo pensar que hay una diferencia?

    De antemano gracias.
  2. micafe

    micafe Senior Member

    United States
    Spanish - Colombia
    "Marcar" is "to dial" and "llamar is "to call".
  3. inib

    inib Senior Member

    La Rioja, Spain
    British English
    I suppose it's possible that in some local usage "marcar" is the equivalent of "llamar", but if no-one can support that hypothesis, I'd guess that they were just making excuses!
    A: You promised to ring me back with some info...
    B: Yes, we were just dialling your number right now (= Te estábamos marcando...)

    Believe it if you will. :rolleyes:
  4. BerriOli New Member

    In Sonora, Mexico, marcar is synonymous with llamar. It seems plausible that the usage originates from "to dial", but for that region, the use of marcar​ is not necessarily differentiated from "to dial" and "to call." Perhaps in other parts of Mexico as well, but I have only lived in Sonora. Llamar is obviously used and understood, but the quotidian usage is marcar. Also, hablar is also used to say that you call someone (with the phone). Usage is relative; I learned in Spain and had to change my paradigm for Spanish when I moved to Sonora!

  5. Vol Boy

    Vol Boy Senior Member

    Tennessee, USA
    English / Appalachian English
    I would understand "to dial" as synonymous with "to call" -- but only in limited circumstances. I would think "to dial" would be used to give emphasis, i.e. "You bet I'm mad! I'm dialing her [up] right now to get my money back." I would also think it might be used as a light (subtle) form of joking: "Hey bro, you got a phone?" "What? Of course I do; do you see me dialing your girlfriend right now?" I've never really thought about it, so there might be other examples. But outside of certain limited circumstances, "to dial" yes, is "marcar" and "to call" is "llamar" and would be understood differently.
  6. Lamemoor Senior Member

    Peru - Spanish
    Hola, la traducción para el B) no obstante el inglés dial (marcar) no se traduce: te estábamos marcando, sino te estábamos LLAMANDO.


    Cuando te estaba llamando... /cuando estaba marcando tu número

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