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French (lower Normandy)
llave nf (del grifo)tap n
(US)faucet n
(US, outdoors)spigot n
Cierra la llave de lavabo, por favor.
Turn the toilet tap off, please.
Isn't it more simply the sink tap?

Same under "grifo":
grifo nm (llave, espita) (UK)water tap, tap n
(US)faucet n
Tengo que arreglar el grifo del lavabo porque está goteando.
I've got to fix the tap in the bathroom because it's leaking.
  • fenixpollo

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    American English
    Isn't it more simply the sink tap?
    In UK usage where the toilet is the room where you go to the bathroom and wash your hands, "the tap in the toilet" would be referring to the grifo en el baño. But changing the construction to "the toilet tap" certainly suggests that the tap is connected to the toilet bowl. However, the Spanish version doesn't mention that the tap is in the bathroom.
    Same under "grifo":
    That one doesn't say bathroom in the Spanish version, either.

    I'll change both of them to "the tap in the sink". I'm not sure why "sink tap" sounds strange to me.