1. bluelove Member

    USA and English
    I can't seem to find the translation for this word. Can someone please help me out?

  2. tytoalba Senior Member

    it's yendo and it's the gerundo of the verb ir
    ir = to go
    yendo = going

    hope it helps
  3. Adrenalina Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain

    If it were "yendo" then it would mean "going".
    That'll be the correct spelling.

    Hope it helps
  4. Mirlo

    Mirlo Senior Member

    Castellano, Panamá/ English-USA
    My guess is that is "yendo" and not "llendo"
    the general meaning of "yendo" is "to go"

  5. suso26

    suso26 Senior Member

    Spanish México.
    It is not Llendo but Yendo.
    It is GOING.
  6. Metztli

    Metztli Senior Member

    The Purgatory
    Mexico Spanish / English
    Exactly, tytoalba is totally right.
    There's nothing I could have added.
  7. bluelove Member

    USA and English
    Thanks everyone! very helpful =)
  8. Chilean_Man_1981 Senior Member

    Santiago de Chile
    CHILE - castellano
    llendo :cross:
    yendo :tick:

    yendo = going, go to.
  9. panayaflores Member

    Perú, english
    Let´s put in in context because "going" can have different uses in english.

    " I am going to the cinema" = Estoy yendo al cine.

    " I am going to buy some sugar" = Estoy yendo a comprar azucar.

    But " going to the club is relaxing " = Ir al club es relajante.
  10. Milton Sand

    Milton Sand Senior Member

    Bucaramanga, Colombia
    Español (Colombia)
    Wait! There's something to clarify:
    Estoy yendo al cine = I am going to the movies > It's OK :tick:
    Estoy yendo a comprar azúcar >< I am going to buy some sugar > Wrong :cross:

    The correct intrepretations are:
    Presente Continuo:
    Estoy yendo a comprar azúcar = I am heading for buying some sugar (is it a correct translation?)
    Futuro continuo:
    Voy a comprar azúcar = I am going to buy some sugar
  11. panayaflores Member

    Perú, english
    That´s what I meant. I am going to buy some sugar. going to + infinitive verb = intention in the future.

    In spanish the translation is Voy a ir a comprar azucar
    Probably, Estoy yendo a comprar azucar refers to the real present, in this moment but not in the future. Is it ok to say in spanish Estoy yendo a comprar azucar mas tarde?
  12. Milton Sand

    Milton Sand Senior Member

    Bucaramanga, Colombia
    Español (Colombia)
    Although it sounds incorrect, you may get understood in a colloquial context. But, still, I doubt it.
    That could be intrepreted as if you have planned and decided to buy some sugar later.
    But I wouldn't recomend it to you.
    (I'm talking about using that sentence, not about buying sugar later :D)

    It would be better:
    Pretendo ir a comprar azúcar más tarde
    I'm trying to got to buy some sugar later

  13. jekapega New Member

    Medellin, Colombia
    American English
    I know this is 5 years after the fact but people like me are still reading these threads to get help and so I just want to correct one TINY thing in English. It would be "I am heading TO BUY some sugar", not "heading for buying".
    And thank you for the explanation about yendo, it was very helpful to me because I have trouble wrapping my head around the differene between yendo and Ir a + infinitive.
  14. steemic

    steemic Senior Member

    Pitman, New Jersey
    English (US)
    It's important to note that you will see it written as llendo especially by native spanish speakers, with the intention of expressing yendo.

    Not sure if its a slang thing like pa ke or a general misunderstand on how the word is spelt but its so common i think i've seen it written incorrectly more than i have correctly.

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