1. Claudia BCN Senior Member


    what's the english expression for 'llevar a bordo'?
    "...no se llevan a bordo pasajeros, correo o carga."

  2. quickbrownfox Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Ireland, English.

    What about: take on board / bring on board / carry on board ?

    For example:
    "Increased airline security means you can't take liquids on board".
    "You can bring one piece of hand luggage on board".
    "We cannot carry hazardous materials on board".

    I think "carry" is the best option for the example you've given.
    "... passengers, mail and freight are not carried on board"

  3. fgetz

    fgetz Senior Member

    carry on board
  4. Idiomático Senior Member

    Virginia, USA
    Latin American Spanish
    to carry on board
  5. Claudia BCN Senior Member

    I think the best translation will be "...no passengers, mail or cargo will be carried on board."

    Thanks to all!

    by the way, I'd never heard of cargo as freight, it's exactly the same.
  6. nuri148

    nuri148 Senior Member

    Barcelona, Catalonia
    Argentina, Spanish
    Almost. Freight can be either the cargo or the fee that you pay to transport that cargo. If you're talking about the goods being carried though, yes, they're the same.

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