1. fionarr_ese

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    Hola a todos,
    He leído la frase 'llueve sobre mojado' en un artículo, y me pregunto si hay una frase con el mismo sentido en Inglés. La frase completa es 'tales cuerpos de seguridad justificarán su actuación con el viejo argumento de la provocación, pero llueve sobre mojado.' Entiendo el significado, más o menos, pero no puedo encontrar su equivalente en Inglés. He visto traucciónes como 'it's the same old story' y 'it's like water off a duck's back' - ¿qué diríais? Y ¿hay otras frases en español con el mismo sentido?
    Muchas gracias de antemano.
  2. Elmo05

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    Northern Ireland

    I'm not a native speaker but this came up in my spanish class the other day

    When it rains it pours

    one disaster after another

    but "it's the same old story" sounds better in this context.

    Best to wait for a native spanish speaker to clarify
  3. maidinbedlam

    maidinbedlam Moderanged

    Vigo, Galicia
    Spanish - Spain
    I think that in this case the meaning is closer to "la historia se repite", that is, "it's the same old story", as Elmo05 says.
  4. fionarr_ese

    fionarr_ese Senior Member

    Thank you both. Are there any other phrases in Spanish with a similar meaning?
  5. sound shift

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    Derby (central England)
    English - England
    The Collins Dictionary gives "It's just one thing after another". I could go for that if the rest of the text indicated that this was yet another in a series of excesses perpetrated by security providers. If the text does not indicate that, though, I would incline towards "But we've heard that before" or "But that's a tired old refrain", because of the inclusion of the word "argumento", which suggests to me that this is more about PR than about misdemeanours as such.
  6. maidinbedlam

    maidinbedlam Moderanged

    Vigo, Galicia
    Spanish - Spain
    There are a few suggestions in this other thread, llover sobre mojado . To me, the one that best applies to this context is "más de lo mismo".
  7. Caleín

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    español (España)
    If you let me take part, I think that "llover sobre mojado" has a shade of meaning that "la historia se repite" hasn't. Maybe it's not present in this case, but I'd like to mention it.
    If I say "la historia se repite", I'm probably thinking of some situation that repeats in the same way as one previous, but they don't need to be related. One could happen many years ago and the new in the present.
    The different idea in "llover sobre mojado" is that all the new ingredients in a situation put 'one over the previous' and finally it has an outcome.

    Another form for "la historia se repite", could be "vuelta la burra al trigo" (informal).

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