1. Mr.E Member


    ¿Es mejor decir "the beautiful" o "beauty" en lugar de 'lo bello'? El contexto se proporciona a continuación:---

    "Lo bello ha de ser preciso. Lo preciso ha de ser bello. Adjetivos: semillas" es la frase completa.

    y mi traducción en inglés:--- "The beautiful/beauty must be concise. The concise must be beautiful. Adjectives: seeds.

    ¿Alguna idea?

  2. micafe

    micafe Senior Member

    United States
    Spanish - Colombia
    I'd say "the beautiful". Frankly, there's not an exact term in English to translate that. :rolleyes:
  3. Mr.E Member

    Thanks micafe, I didn't really think so
  4. mentayflor Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Hi Mr E, beauty is a noun and beautiful is an adjetive, isn`t it?
    Lo bello ha de ser preciso. Lo preciso ha de ser bello.
    I think: Lo bello mean algo bello, (not La belleza) then I would say The beatiful.
    It is my opinion wait others
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  5. Mr.E Member

    This was exactly my thought mentayflor. I took "Lo bello" for "That which is beautiful"
  6. aloofsocialite

    aloofsocialite Senior Member

    San Francisco / Oakland, CA
    English - USA (California)

    Yes, you are correct it means "that which is beautiful", not "the quality of beauty" ("belleza").

    Basically, you can stick "lo" (or another article, like la, el, etc.) in front of almost any adjective and turn it into a noun (through a process called "sustantivación"), which is what's happening in your case.

    Bello - Adjective, "beautiful"
    Lo bello - adjetivo sustantivado, "the beautiful [thing]"

    And so on.

    "Lo bello de la vida es saber vivirla" - "The beautiful thing about life is in knowing how to live it," or "The beauty in life is in knowing how to live it." It could be translated a number of different ways.

    N.B. that "lo" + "adj" also has other meanings "No sabes lo bello que es la vida" "You don't know how beautiful life is."
  7. onthebass Senior Member

    United States
    I prefer precise over concise. I think of seeds being more precise than concise and, at least to me, it's a more poetic word:

    The beautiful must be precise. The precise must be beautiful.
  8. onthebass Senior Member

    United States
    Also if you are being poetic, "the beautiful" is perfectly legitimate, and a better choice than the bulky "that which is beautiful."

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