Lo cortés no quita lo valiente

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  1. Hi there! In spanish we have this saying "lo cortés no quita lo valiente" which means that to be polite doesn't cost a thing... it's not hard to be polite, and being polite won't take away other of your features like bravery or someting... is there something like that in English?
    Thanks in advance
  2. Jorge Jodra Senior Member

    Spanish- Spain
    Try You don't lose anything by being polite. Cheers!
  3. Cubanboy

    Cubanboy Senior Member


    Politeness costs nothing.

  4. MadrigalTriste

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    English (Canada), Spanish (Argentina)
    "It doesn't hurt to be polite."
  5. dame50 Senior Member

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    En Chile tenemos un dicho similar.
    Lo cortés no quita lo caliente, pero tiene un significado distinto..
  6. foreversunny01 New Member

    In other words because im I'm courteous doesn't mean I'm a coward!

    It actually means that because im I'm kind doesn't mean am weak (or a coward).

    kindness is not a weakness.
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  7. EloquentOne New Member

    Re: "Lo cortes no quita lo valiente"

    There is an expression in English which is somewhat related, but it usually used in the negative: it is: to confuse/mistake one's kindness for weakness.
    The expression usually is used like this: They confuse my kindness for weakness OR
    "They shouldn't confuse my kindness for weakness." Regarding the phrase under discussion, to make it "fit", I might say: "Your kindness shouldn't be confused with weakness..." or "Just because you are kind doesn't mean you are weak." (The first is probably better, because it is the most common way it is phrased in English.)
    Hope that helps!!
  8. Roibeard New Member

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    I wonder if "Discretion is the better part of valor" would do.

  9. Silvia Dee

    Silvia Dee Senior Member

    En español "lo cortes no quita lo valiente" se refiere que un hombre puede ser muy refinado y no por eso ser un señorito cobarde, es decir, puedo estar enamorada de mi mujer pero no por eso dejo de mirar a otras si son guapas. O puedo una persona muy callada y tranquila y sin embargo defender fuertemente a un amigo etcc...
  10. dragon1971 New Member

    Yo la he escuchado de esta forma
    Courtesy and Valor are not mutually exclussive.

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