lo determina la legislación

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  1. Canolista Senior Member

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    Can anyone please help with this phrase?

    Así lo determina la legislación actual, que ya no diluye la responsabilidad – como hasta ahora – entre cuerpos de funcionarios...

    My attempt: So the current legislation determines it, which does not dilute (spread?) the responsibility, as has been the case to date, between employee organisations..."

    But I am not sure what the "lo" is. The previous sentence would not provide an obvious candidate (it talks about universities taking full responsibility for their selection of candidates for specific posts).
  2. yoliyoli Senior Member

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    Así lo determina la legislación actual = as established by the current legislation = that's how the current legislation establishes it
  3. Mirlo

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    Una pequeña sugerencia:

    cuerpo de funcionarios = Officials
  4. Canolista Senior Member

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    Thank you both - I'd missed the cuerpos funcionarios point, so am grateful.

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